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Welcome to the About page of

Hi, my name is Alan and I am the creator of

The team at simpledetox are often on the lookout for simple and effective approaches and products to body detoxification.  These are approaches and products that deal with the basics that are essential to the main cause.  They may be instructional videos, audios, podcasts, or articles, and breaking news on the subject of body detoxification.

We also provide tips, how-to's, simple remedies that are essential to our healthly living to subscribers.  We will send these information to your email monthly.  This is a free service by  All you need to do is to subscribe to it.  You may subscribe here and receive a FREE report --- The Full Report - How Toxic Chemicals May Change How We Think
And Who We Are

At times we may also provide free e-reports, e-books and e-courses that are related to the main subject of body detoxification or other health matters for the well-being of our subscribers.

Whenever there is a good product in the market, will add them into our product's list and offer to our readers and subscribers.  Rest assured that will try our utmost to obtain them and offer them at an affordable price.

Thank you.

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