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An Effective and a Simple Approach to Body Detoxification - The Science Behind Ionic Cleanse
This article talks about our constant exposure to toxic environment, our human deficiency, the solution, the science behind the solution and the effective and simple process of the the full story here
Can Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath Treatments Relieve Constipation ?
This article talks about constipation, the common "nuisance" that majority of the people faced, the factors contributing to constipation, it went to explain about chronic constipation and the simple and effective method to relief the full story here
How to Make Quitting Smoking As Easy As Possible ?
This is a real life experience from a hardcore smoker's first treatment using ionic cleanse foot bath as an alternative approach. It narrates on his 'shock and surprise' when confronted with his own results from this approach, and his determination to stop smoking following his continue use of the approach. To find out more onthis approach... the full story here
Is Ionic Cleanse a Scam  ?  Some Important Facts You Need to Know That Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath Really Works!
Some facts that will help you discern whether the ionic cleanse - is a scam or it really works as intended the full story here
Smoking and How To Quit Smoking ?
It has been a fact that smoking is the largest cause of preventable death in the world. Many people die prematurely from smoking-related diseases each day...there are also the smokers' common ailments, smokers' common nagging and complaints...all these add to the smoker's frustration. read on to find out more and the easy approach to the full story here
Quitting Smoking - It Is A Choice
There are countless proven studies on the harmful effects caused by smoking; there has been enough governmental advice and warning that smoking KILLS; there has been many smoking-related deaths occurring everyday and every second; there exist many ways and methods to help you to quit smoking; and there are also other alternative ways, methods and aids for the smokers to choose from; yet many smokers still fail in their quest to quit smoking. Why ? Read on to find out the most important step that most smokers have fail to take........ the full story here
Quit Smoking Timeline - You Can Quit If You Take it Step-By-Step
In an earlier article "Quitting Smoking - It Is A Choice", it has attempted to educate the smokers that it is really their choice if they wanted to quit their smoking habit. (Please note that the article is not only meant for smokers and would-be smoking quitters, it is also for the general readers, the same principle also apply to them.) In this article further attempts to inculcate the readers, smokers and non-smokers, that it is really their own ability to choose to succeed or fail at any of their endeavors. Choosing to quit smoking is the first step in this step-by-step series... Read on to find learn more about the first step........... the full story here
Quitting Smoking Timeline - You Can Quit If You Take it Step-By-Step, Part 2
This is a continuation of a series of articles on the essential steps of quitting smoking. In this article, it attempt to show why most smokers and would-be quitters always fail in their quest to quit smoking. Read on to learn the important step that they are missing... read the full story here
Is There Really Toxins In Our Body To Detox ?
This article talks about our vulnerability to diseases brought about from toxic environment, what healthcare experts and scholars said about toxins, the amount of toxins found in our body, and the need for body the full story here----coming soon

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