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Welcome to the Products page of

Whenever there is a good product in the market, will add them into our product's list and offer to our readers and subscribers.  Rest assured that the team at will try our utmost to obtain them and offer them at an affordable price - because we care about you and your health.

Thank you.

Products Descriptions
Ionic Cleanse the device that provides a simple approach to perform your own body detoxification using revolutionary breakthrough technology. This device is a 3-in-1 device : providing cleansing, infrared and massage functions.
Ioniser / Array this is use together with the ionic cleanse device when doing body detoxification, each ioniser/array has a limited life span of about 40 sessions. The ioniser/array has to be replaced after its useful life span.
Infrared Belt this belt is use for infrared heating under infrared function to your affected areas.  
Massage Shoe this pair of shoe is use for your feet massage under the massage function.
Massage Slice this pair of slice is also under the massage function and use for massage to affected area of your body, like your mucsles, your neck, etc...
Wrist Band this wrist band is use together with the ionic cleanse device when doing body detoxification.

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