How to Make Quitting Smoking As Easy As Possible ?

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I met my long lost friend quite a while back. He is still the same - talkative, skinny and with a waist line of just 26 inches and still smoking at least 20 sticks a day and he has been smoking for over 30 years. I believed even the ladies will envy his 26 inch waist rather than his smoking statistics.

What a way for us to meet again and for sure, we did some catching up with one another. I was and still is very concern with his smoking and his health. I told him about the benefits that he may obtain from the ionic cleanse foot bath treatments. I challenged him to do a treatment, unfortunately he backs away. I followed with a few repeated invitations but he declined them all.

I did not gave up, and persisted in getting him and challenging him for just 1 session. I began to relate to him the living testimonies of some of the users I have known. I told him stories about people, just like him, who resisted in the beginning and are not able to accept the ionic cleanse treatment as an alternative approach to alternative healing. Their life changed when they took that first step to do a treatment session.

My persistence paid off. He finally give in and consented to just one session after he found out that one session only requires 30-minutes.

A brief summary of his background before sharing his response to the ionic cleanse treatment. He is mostly busy with his one-man-operation business and finds it very difficult to keep to regular meals' on time. He dislike to drink water and he replaced his daily water intake with coffee! He smoke regardless of the activities - he can practically smoke on every occasions - when he is driving, drinking coffee, working, making a phone call, etc...and should you find some of these descriptions matching yours, please read on, this could help you.

Before the start of the treatment, I shown him the toxin color chart and predicted the likely colors his treatment water will become after the 30 minutes session. Of course, he does not believe me and just smile cheekily to me. Well, this reaction is very normal with most first-timers.

I hooked up the ionic cleanse machine and have both his feet placed into a tub of warm water and start the treatment process.

Most of the treatments will not yield any extraordinary result during the first 10 minutes into the session, his was not the exception too. The next 20 minutes, the water began to turn darker from a light brown tint; some bubbles were also formed. In the last 10 minutes of the session, extraordinary events started to unfold. First, the water became dark brown, with a few black patches; next a bigger pool of bubbles were seen and next, some oil films were suspected floating around. When the session is completed, the water is almost black; the big of bubbles remained as big; the oil films are very visible now and there was a strong odor coming out from the contents.

My friend's facial expression was quite dramatic throughout the whole process, from a eager and excited look, to a grim and smile-less look and finally to a surprised look; especially when my predictions came true.

He was even more shocked when I asked him to recognize the odor from the content!

It was the unmistaken smell of nicotine, the same odor that remained stained between the fingers holding the cigarette while smoking.

To me, it was my first real experience of smelling such a strong odor of nicotine from the waste contents.

He was bowed over and bought himself a set of ionic cleanse to continue with his treatments.

After my friend has bought a set, he has been using it for his treatments. He told me that he noticed that his appetite has improved, maybe due to both his sense of smell and taste for food turning better; he also noticed that his sleeping patterns has improved; and he has smoke less, too! He said the treatments and the reliefs he had so far, has been a strong motivation for him to smoke less and finally to quit smoking.

This clearly shows that the ionic cleanse foot bath can be used as an alternative way to quit smoking, although it is not meant to be a quit smoking product. The reliefs that it can bring to the smokers' common ailments, are testimonies that the ionic cleanse really works.

I am very happy for my friend. It shows that persistence pays and I am sure he will be sharing with me many more wonders he will obtain from the ionic cleanse foot bath.

Cheers to you winning over your smoking frustrations,


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