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You Can Quit If You Take it Step-By-Step

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    You Can Quit If You Take it Step - By - Step

In an earlier article "Quitting Smoking - It Is A Choice", it has attempted to educate the smokers that it is really their choice if they wanted to quit their smoking habit. (Please note that the article is not only meant for smokers and would-be smoking quitters, it is also for the general readers, the same principle also apply to them.)

In this article further attempts to inculcate the readers, smokers and non-smokers, that it is really their own ability to choose to succeed or fail at any of their endeavors. Choosing to quit smoking is the first step in this step-by-step series... Read on to find learn more about the first step...

Nobody in this entire world can impose their choice on you to complete any task, if you do not choose to want to do it. You make the decision to choose to do it or not to do it. Your own choice.

Making it your choice to quit is the first step in winning over your quest to quit smoking. It is an important first step in your quit smoking timeline.

I will be using the analogy of driving a automobile to illustrate the point that you made the choice to succeed or to fail in any task.

Think back to the time you were learning to drive a stick shift automobile. You were faced with what seemed to be an insurmountable problem. Three pedals but only two feet to make them work. You first became aware of the complexity of the task. Let the clutch out slow, ooops too fast, jerky business, gas pedal down at the same time as you release the clutch, right foot for the brake, but the clutch must go in, or you jerk again.

A million mental signals: always thinking, using your brain.

What do you do? Practice, practice and practice, and then after thousands of trials, mistakes, new efforts, new adjustment, the day comes when you step into your car and drive away. No stalling, no jerking and no thinking - driving a stick shift automobile has become second nature, and how do you do it ?

With great difficulty. Lots of practice, reminding and working on it....if you have not choose to allow yourself with the practice, you will not have learnt to drive the automobile.

I hope you get the clear picture now. It is the same as with smoking and your addiction - you have chose to allow yourself to enter into the practice mode, and go through the practices, day by day, month by month, until the smoking addiction in you become "second-nature".

At the appropriate time that you have been smoking, you will without any haste, without any prompting, without any thinking, light up that cigarette. Why ?

Because you have choose to allow this practice at that time to light up, day after day, month after month and year after year. Such timing maybe, for example: waking up, before going to sleep, after every meal, waiting for someone, thinking about a problem, and many others...

Think about it...think about the timings that you light up...you will be amazed that it matches the examples given above. You will be more amazed that you did in fact, light up the cigarette at those times without any prompting. It has become so automatic !

Interesting huh ! So the same logic will also apply to quitting smoking - it is your own choice to choose to quit or not to quit ! The same way like you have chosen to learn to drive the automobile.

There is still time to win the quit smoking race, but no more time to lose.

What is your choice ? Choose wisely, whatever the choice you have chosen - it will directly and indirectly affect you, your health, your loved ones, your family members, your friends and the people around you.

There is no more time to lose. Make up your choice.

Remember, it is your own ability to choose...Choose wisely.

Towards your wise choice.


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