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You Can Quit If You Take it Step-By-Step, Part 2

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    You Can Quit If You Take it Step - By - Step, Part 2

This is a continuation of a series of articles on the essential steps of quitting smoking. Details of how to access those articles will appear below...In this article, it attempt to show why most smokers and would-be quitters always fail in their quest to quit smoking. Read on to learn the important step that they are missing...

The main reason why failure is so eminent for most smokers seeking to quit smoking is because they do not take action immediately !

They always have the tendency to put off the plan.

Most smokers having the intention to quit are already convinced of the harm and damage that smoking can cause to them and the people around them. Yet, when it come to taking action, they stop short ! Why ?

The main issue here, is that we are living in a culture which de-emphasizes the NOW, the present-moment living.

Save for tomorrow. I'll take action tomorrow. I need to consider the consequences. I'll think about it tomorrow. I'll plan to quit in the near future...etc, etc....are some of the putting-off statements.

Avoiding taking action now, in the present moment, is almost a disease in our culture, and we are continually being conditioned to sacrifice the present for the future.

The more times you put off to taking the actions, the more conditioned you will become and the possibility of you getting any success over quitting smoking is diminishing progressively.

Those successful testimonies that you have read, the success stories, are the people that took action immediately. They are the people who live in the NOW, in the present-moment. They took action and continue to take the necessary actions until they are successful.

Those successful people did not put off till tomorrow, they did not plan to do it in the near future. They do it there and then, immediately, in the present-moment at that time !

Think about this - NOW is all there is, and the future is just another present moment to live when it arrives. One thing is certain: you cannot live it until it does not appear. When the future does arrive it becomes present and what will you do ? You will use it to prepare for the next future timeline, and will continue to repeat, and repeat...

Sadly, if you continue in this way, to you, success is something for the morrow and therefore ever elusive.

There is still time to be successful, take action now. Take action immediately. But there is no more time to lose !

Taking action now is one important step to be successful in your quitting smoking race.

Act now ! there is no more time to lose.

Towards your active actions,


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